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Trasco Products Usage Schedule for Tea

Stage Of Application Name Of Product Dosage Frequency Of Application Type Of Product Expected Outcome from Application Remarks
NURSERY STAGE Pushing of cutting into poly tubes Trasco root aid 100gms/200lits water Once- before pushing just dip the pushing ends for 30 seconds before pushing the cuttings into the polytubes Root hormone Much better rooting and callous formation will be obtained, with greater nuiber of roots for the young single nodal cuttings to grow
At three leaf stage of the cuttings Trasco root aid 100gms/200 lits water Two times at the said dose at 15 days interval as foliar to further the root development Root hormone Enhancement of growth characters in the plant with greater efficiency in food uptake
At 6 leaf stage Trasco Tea Nursery special 1ml/lit of water One spray as foliar Multi micronutrient mixture with required growth hormones Helps the young cutting to grow better without coming under hidden hunger stress.
At 8-10 leaf stage Super Zyme granules 5 gms /Plant/tube at the collar zone cover with little earth. Two rounds at 20 days interval preferably 7 days after YTD mixture is applied to the cuttings Organic granulated enzymatic complexes Helps the plant to increase disease resistance, regulates basic NPK uptake to the fullest,helps in building healthy stem at the base,increases photosynthetic capacity of the young leaves under shade, slows down abnormal elongation due to improper manuring procedures.
After sorting the ready plants before its sold or transported to the main field and kept for hardening procedure Trasco Ultineem + Trasco Zinc Fortified Trasco Ultineem 3000 ppm 300 ml+Trasco Zinc fortified 200 Grams /200 lits of water as a pre shipment foliar spray. One application Organic Pesticide +Multi micronutrient mixture To prevent the transfer of basic deficiency problems to the main field.To prevent the transfer of red spider and other pest from the nursery to the main field.
Soil Preparation for Nursery Plants both seed and clones Trasco Neemazin Granules 10 Kgs per Ton Of Soil Once Organic neem granulated pesticide a green product To prevent the emergence of cock shafer grubs in the soil and to also prevent the occurrence of soil borne pests. Into the tubes.To prevent the attack of ants on young tea cuttings
During Planting Of the Selected Plants in to the main field Trasco Ormaco min + Trasco Neemazin granules Apply Trasco Ormacomin @50 Gms/Plant+ 10 Gms Trasco Neemazin Granules in the planting pit.Ormacomin should be thoroughly mixed with the soil,there should be no clod formation in the pit add adequate FYM as recommended By TRA also.Although in places where FYM is not available Trasco Ormacomin can be used directly in the planting pit at the above dose. Once during Planting Ormacomin is an Organic mixture of de-oiled cakes with organically processed materials of plant and animal origin Trasco Neemazin is an Orgaic pesticide in granular form totally Neem oil Based formulation. Helps the young Tea Plant to establish in the fields early by providing ready made food of organic nature which sustains the early stable growth.Prevents attack of root borne pests due to Neemazine granules.Ormacomin buffers the unsuitable soils which has not been otherwise duly corrected before planting.
During Young Tea growth stage from Zero years to 5 years General Recommendation is subjected to alteration depending upon the expert advise of Tea Technologists
Yearly Schedule
Before soil Manuring with NPK conduct soil test to ascertain that the soil sulphur level is well above 80 ppm if its less than 80 ppm then soil has to receive Trasco soil sulphur Trasco Soil sulphur 20 Kgs/Ha broadcasted uniformly add 200 Kgs of clean soil along with Trasco Soil sulphur and broadcast uniformly.Irrigate after Broadcasting the product this should be preferably applied at the close of the season that is during Nov December. May require two application if the levels of sulphur levels has still not come to the normal levels for Tea. The second application should be done 6 months after the first application during april after the first rains in April. Soil amender Lowers soil Ph at the root zone, displaces Na ions from the vicinity of the plant root thereby increases the absorbtion of the NPK elements and the whole range of secondary and micronutrients neede for the crop growth
At the time of centering out of the young tea bushes ,at FFP and final frame formation prune Trasco Soil sulphur Trasco Superzyme and Trasco Columbia(COC) Trasco super Zyme as Foliar spray @1ml/lit of water and Trasco Columbia @2.5gms/lit of water to prevent fungal infection by air borne and soil borne spores. Once after the pruning is done preferably within 24 hrs of the cut given Trasco Columbia is Copper Oxy Chloride a contact broad spectrum fungicide. Due to Trasco SuperZyme the young Tea shows quick and more dense rates of strike of the laterals and COC gives the young tea protection against attack from Red Rust, grey blight,brown blight, blister blight etc,poria, stem canker etc
During the unpruned year after FFP Column 11 Trasco Zn Fortified,Trasco Superzyme,Trasco Plantofix,Trasco Miraculous,Trasco Ultineem,Trasco Zn Hi-5,Trasco Zn EDTAZn Fortified@1.5Gms/lit,Superzyme@ 1ml/lit,plantofiz@ 40ml/200lit water,miraculous @100ml/200 litwater, ultineem500ml/200lit waterZn-hi5@ 500 gmsPer200 lits waterZn EDTA@ 100 gms/200 lits waterDepending upon the situation the above materials Should be used, for the requirement of Zn and growth promoters.Please refer the product catalogue for the detailed mode of action of the product.For general Zn deficiency Trasco Zn Active 21% is most effective and economical as a regular usage product. In sequence the season should start with Trasco Zinc Fortified after a moderate shower, and adequate moisture in the soil ,followed by a 20 days interval spray of Plant regulators along with urea MOP as required One application of each of the product during the growing season Atleast 4-5 rds of Trasco Zn Products which will include Zn EDTA,Trasco Zn-High5,Trasco Zn Active,Trasco Zn Fortified.It has been observed that Trasco Zn Fortified Gives an over all goodness to the Tea Bush meeting the Hidden Zn Requirement of Zn Single Micronutrient, and combination Micronutrients,and growth promoters. The growing young Tea from the latestHigh yielding clones Have high requirement of someImportant Macro nutrientsLike Ca,Mg,and Sulphur apart from Zn,Boron,and Manganese It alsoNeeds enzymes and photosynthetic Capacity enhancers Like miraculousAnd effective budBreakers likePlantofix
During the formative years upto the final frame formation prune in the growth phase the schedule given in column 11 should be followed with caution and care.The need for micronutrients and growth promoters are need based and should be used under expert advice and guidance. Over usage of any particular growth promoter or Micronutrients where not needed is a wasteful expenditure and harmful to the Plant.
Manuring of young tea Where there is need to augment the Organic matter of the soil, or there is the need for Organic manure application to the Tea areas,A basal dose of 500-800 Kgs of Ormacomin can be used after its broadcast and duly incorporating the same into the soil by light soil stirring ensuring that the product is fully embedded in the soil.Alternatively Ormacomin can be mixed with Basal NPK and used in young Tea areas.Individually Ormacomin from the 2nd year onwards can be given to the bushes @ of 30 gms of the product per bush increasing it by 10 gms per bush after every year of added age of the the following year the dose would be 40 gms,then 50 gms etc.per bush per year.Preferably this Organic manure should be properly incorporated into the soil for receiving full benfits While manuring Young Tea as per the recommended dose of TRA ,Ormacomin can be used @ of 200 Kgs/Ha as an additional Organic Punch in the manuring schedule. One application Yearly when the soil is having adequate soil moisture. Organic ManureHaving de-oiled cakes and organic materials of plant and animal origin The application and use of Organic manure will increase the organic content of the soil,and increase the manurial utilization capacity.
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