Corporate Profile

The dawn of civilization saw mankind, tread upon the unattended fields for, crops and sustenance of human life on earth. So started the humble rumblings in the field of Agriculture of centuries and milleniums where it has brought us to the doorsteps of present day technology.
We as an Indian Company take pride to have contributes a little in the field of Agriculture to this great nation, India the second largest populated country on the globe, with rich diversities and culture, with world class development in all fields known to mankind.
The present day, Organisation of Super Agro India Pvt ltd has its deep rooted influence in the remote heart land of the Indian villages, with the principals at Kolkata. The Organisation has the following Companies on its fare front.

SUPER AGRO INDIA PVT. LTD. (Manufacturing and Marketing Division)
Our Sister Concern

KHANIZ CHEMICALS LTD.(Procurement Division) for Micronutrients & Pesticides Technicals

Having started manufacturing and marketing TRASCO Brand of products in the heart-land of Indian Village SUPER AGRO INDIA'S spectacular growth has been exponential for the last 50years. This was possible due to the dynamic leadership of a visionary, Shri Amaresh Mishra, the Chairman of the Company,who started the work with a very humble beginning. Having realized the need of micronutrients and its decisive role in balanced and profitable agricultural farming, Shri Amaresh Mishra took the Scientific Research from the University Labs with related products to the door step of the farmers who were deprived of quality micronutrients and latest crop husbandry techniques. Within a very short span of time, the trust began to grow and the farmers trusted one Name SUPER AGRO INDIA Pvt Ltd , and they could rely on its range of products for Agriculture, Fishery, Forestry and Plantations. Being a farmer himself, Shri Amaresh Mishra felt that the benefit of quality Micronutrients is the need of the day for the farmers and he offered them the quality products from the house of SUPER AGRO INDIA Pvt Ltd overseeing the entire operation from formulating to marketing and getting the feed-back from the farmers.

Today SUPER AGRO INDIA Pvt Ltd is a name to reckon with, company has launched the marketing of pesticides for the farmers of the country. SUPER AGRO INDIA Pvt Ltd has diversified its products range for Agricultural Field Crops, Vegetable Crops, Horticultural Crops, Plantation Crops, Fisheries, Agro-Forestry and Floriculture.

SUPER AGRO INDIA Pvt Ltd has extended its operations from WestBengal,to Assam Sikkim, Tea plantations of North-Eastern States,Bihar, Uttrakhand ,Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Orissa, Nepal,Bhutan,Bangladesh,Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. Overwhelming response and encouraging feed-back have been received from thousands of FARMERS, TECHNOCRATS, GOVT. BODIES, AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITIES, STATE BODIES, PROGRESSIVE CORPORATE HOUSES and above all from the most interior belt of agriculture in the tribal areas. SUPER AGRO INDIA Pvt Ltd operation in the field of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery is not just marketing, it is a dedication to the just cause of economic farming with the major benefit given to the users. SUPER AGRO INDIA Pvt Ltd has wide network of dealers and distributors in the most remote parts of the agricultural belt, so that the farmers can get access to genuine materials. SUPER AGRO INDIA looks forward to the cooperation from all well wishers and believes that without constant upgradation of research and product development, it may not be possible to achieve the best.

Our Team
The team of Super Agro India comprises of Our Honorable Managing Director Shri Gopal Mishra who has taken the reins of the company in the recewnmt past. Under his dynamic leadership the company has launched the new b io-fertiliser division and have received excellent support from the farming community. Our new Managing Director has given a new dimension in the field of Quality product marketing and a chain of procedures to get a proper feedback from the field.
We have dedicated field workers at the grass root levels, taking the latest developments in field of Agriculture to the doorstep, of the most humble farmer, in the heart land of rural India.